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Outline of Presentation at ARDA Round Table Discussion- Frederick Conte
"Did You Have A Pleasant Stay?"

I. Attracting Guests
• Mini vacation program
• Member discount specials advertised in company newsletter going
to existing owner base of 67,000
• Chamber of Commerce functions
• Community involvement programs
• Programs coordinated with exchange programs to fill empty rooms
• Arrangements with local hotels to book overflow transient guests
• Offer of a complimentary three day/two night stay at time of
sale to encourage new owner to take first vacation promptly
• Active Reservations Department program to update owners who
are making reservations on special room offers and referral

I I Setting Expectations
• Expectations: Vacationing at our resorts is like coming home; resorts
have a family atmosphere due to the life long relationships formed between company and owner; some of our owners have vacationed at the same resort for 10 years in a row.
• Welcome letter is sent after reservation is confirmed
Notices of special themed events (Halloween parties, caster egg
painting, etc.) are mailed to guests prior to check in so that they
get excited about upcoming vacation. Remember: the expectation of
fun is fun in itself.
• Welcome call is made 14 days prior offering upgraded
accommodations, express check in and check out, etc.

Timeshare Investment Conference Managing For Success

In order to manage for success, the stage must be set in a manner that provides a reasonable expectation to succeed. Successful organizations have one common central focus: Customers. It doesn't matter if the organization is involved in timeshare, a professional practice, a hospital or even a Governmental Agency; success comes to those, and only those, who are committed to looking after and continually developing its customer base.

Advertising, product positioning and market share pricing strategies are all important, in fact vital in our business. But when all is said and done, goods are not sold; products and services are bought.

Eight years ago, the quality wave was breaking over us. Through this process, we
realized quality is not enough. Today, customer service is swelling larger than the
quality wave. Why? Human beings all have fundamental, emotional needs that must be recognized when delivering a service. They also have expectations. The challenge is to exceed these expectations during each and every customer service contact. Customers have come to expect more in our products and services. This wisdom is not a secret; talk to your customers. They know all the buzzwords the hospitality industry conveys in the pursuit toward quality.

Our owners and guests are educated. With today's rapid pace, speed is considered
service, but let us remember that the speed of a computer will not replace a kind wort or a human touch.

Saying you value your customers on a poster in the employee lounge without a program, a vision, or a defined process to deliver the message will not get the job done.

In order to deliver exceptional service and for your customers to have a pleasant-stay
you need to carefully examine what their expectations are. Then you must
exceed them. Each timeshare owner while on vacation expects:

• Efficient check in and check out
• Courtesy from all staff and associates
• Quality service during every phase of the stay
• Clean, tastefully-appointed accommodations
Have you ever known one of your customers to expect less? If your organization has solid quality program, all of these expectations will be met - not necessarily exceeded. Our job, in this unique business, is to exceed expectations creatively and with

Think 3-D: - Decide - Discover - Deliver
Customers, generally speaking, have simple needs. They are no different than you or me. We must first decide if we understand these needs. By listening to the customers, we can discover ways to exceed and deliver these needs.

Our secret to success is to discover consistently what the customer wants and to deliver more. If you are truly committed to this process, it is a commitment of a distinct, long-
term relationship with endless marketing opportunities.

Fostering programs that create excitement is the key to keeping owners happy. Some of these services and activities include:
e Home away from home atmosphere Theme-based programs
Elements of surprise
• Personal touches
d Message that you value your customers Consistency which engenders credibility
Value, value, value - consistent emphasis on creating value for your customers

Our company works and lives the three M's:
Mission - Center your mission around your customers. Focus on it, embrace
it, practice it, live it:l
Mentor - Lead by example, teach and walk a path of integrity, understand
your role is that of a coach, build your partners to be strong - train,
train, train.
Measure - Develop your quality plan with build-in checks and balances, ask for feedback from every owner and employee and react to it. Plan but be prepared to modify and plan when change is necessary.
Every one in your organization needs to be a salesperson. Opportunities are endless
when you celebrate the relationship of your company to its owners. The key to

delivering the mission is through your employees, in essence, your true business partners. They must be an integral part of the process. We use all of the traditional
methods: teaming, mentoring, internal competition, reward and incentive programs, and training. Our new approach is empowering our employees to understand, embrace and celebrate the relationship with our customers.
Often times management receives the message from the customer then attempts to convey it to the--tine. employees. We believe the message is best communicated through direct contact and close attention to detail. The key to a pleasant stay is to
deliver service beyond the owners' expectations each and every time he/she stays at your facility. Bruce Barton once said, "Sometimes when I consider what tremendous consequences come from little things, I am tempted to think there are no little things."
Another key point is to conduct what we refer to as win/win management training. All of your staff needs to be sales and marketing savvy. Share with them the company's desired results and give them resources to excel. Identify the human, financial, technical, or organizational support available to allow each member of your team to accomplish the company's goals and to exceed them.

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